Commercial Vehicle

Want To Buy Commercial-vehicle Insurance

Key Benefits

loss Protection

Protection from loss of car or damage to your car.


Liability for Third Party death and injury Claims.


compensation for third party property damage.

Claims Completion

Claim settlements processed within 10 working days.

Add-ons Covers

Owner-Driver cover up to 15 lakh in case of a car accident.



Accidental & External Damage
Burglary, housebreaking/ Theft
Personal accident cover upto 15-lakhs for owner/driver


Depreciation or any consequential loss
Damage caused by a person without a license
Damage caused by a person driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Third Party Coverages


Legal protection for death or injury claims from third parties.
Protection for damage to third party property.
Legal costs and Expenses


Damage to your personal property
Costs and expenses incurred without our prior written consent
Other exclusions as per the policy terms and conditions.

Preminum Rates for Motor Third Party Insurance Cover for the Financial Year 2O19-2O20

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